Graphmantics Enterprise Resilience and Innovation A new way to understand and visualize your Enterprise Business MAP How do you ... Increase Enterprise and Operational Resilience? Increase Innovation? Empower, educate and engage your employees? ... with a data-driven The Connected Enterprise at your Fingertips Graphmantics Enterprise Business Knowledge Map DISCOVERS, ORGANIZES and CONNECTS your SAP ERP System based on active usage, placing


Graphmantics is a SaaS solution that combines data science, business semantics, geography, graph databases and 30 years of Enterprise application architecture experience to automatically create a connected, integrated business map from your SAP™ ERP system.  We call it an Enterprise Business Knowledge Map, or EBKM.

Why a ‘Business Map’ ?

Many business problems in the Enterprise are not due to lack of data.  Application complexity, change, organizational and data silos further exacerbate the reality that  data is not fundamentally nor transparently connected.
Companies rely on fragmented reports with fixed and limited dimensions to run their business.

From ‘Business Map’ to Enterprise Knowledge Business Map (EBKM)

A connected, semantically enriched data allows the enterprise to navigate through multi-dimensional information seamlessly.

Graphmantics extends the concept of  knowledge graphs by adding geography, navigation ‘anywhere to anywhere’, direct SAP integration and global search to create a natural context for business analysis in order to provide insight and solve numerous business problems.

Graphmantics EBKM includes integrated and navigable business processes, enterprise and HR structures, people, capabilities, master and transactional data.


Furthermore, a connected enterprise breaks organizational silos and rationalizes the complexity deeply embedded into your ERP implementations.


What can Graphmantics Enterprise Business Knowledge Map do for you?

Increasing Enterprise and Operational Resiliency

Resilience is top of mind for many companies today. Traditionally, enterprises hire consultants to develop resiliency plans based on ‘war rooms/ what-if’ consulting and extensive additional reporting to support specific scenarios. GRC risk models also rely on historical ‘point-in-time’ analysis, becoming stale and of dubious value over time.

Instead of relying on fragmented, report-based approaches and stale data, Graphmantics provides real-time Business Impact Mining™, the evolution of business process mining.

The results allow customers to create their own planned resiliency maps and have real-time, unplanned impact analysis in order to quickly triage unforeseen situations.


Accelerating Innovation

We believe that connected data is the fuel for innovation. Innovation comes in many forms – we discuss three areas below.


Digital Transformation

efforts can be accelerated and de-risked by having a clear and detailed understanding of how the business is currently running.

This is typically accomplished through consulting interviews, consuming valuable company resources. The complexity of the systems, business change over time and organizational silos make this a non-trivial and expensive exercise.

By automatically discovering your business processes, people, active enterprise structure, functional areas and business data, Graphmantics allowing you to create a data-driven plan for your SAP centric transformation, including detailed testing plans.

This will save hundreds to thousands of person hours in analysis time, automatically identifies what to transform and what to leave behind – potential savings of millions of dollars in infrastructure and licensing. Lastly, it will increase the success rate of your transformation by reducing project risk via clearly defined project scope at data level.


Divestitures and M&A

are a strategic part of many industries. Even with playbooks, mergers and divestitures are expensive and risky. In many cases, this is due to not having up-front, data-driven information and proper governance structure.

Graphmantics quickly allows you to define your divestiture scope and discovers its impact in order to create a data-driven plan based on your SAP ERP system in three steps: 1) Define divestiture Scope, 2) Perform automated Impact Analysis, 3) Create Data-Driven Plan.

The Graphmantics Divestiture application will allow you to create multiple scenarios and understand the impact of each, allowing you to:

– Plan your security isolation pre-TSA using impacted Resources and Security.
– Plan your HR restructuring to support TSA and post-TSA.
– Re-engineer impacted inter-company processes.
– Communicate early with impacted top Customers, Suppliers and Partners.
– Plan your target carve-out and data migration with Application, Assets and detailed data for migration.
– Get accurate fixed-bids from service providers based on detailed scope lists.


Empower your workforce

In this ever accelerating world of change, it is imperative to empower people by creating transparency across the organization and provide the knowledge, backed by data, for individuals to continuously innovate. The Graphmantics business map is easily expandable with data from systems outside SAP and shareable across the organization.

Connected Data is the fuel for innovation.
Let us show you how.