Graphmantics Enterprise Resilience and Innovation A new way to understand and visualize your Enterprise Business MAP How do you ... Increase Enterprise and Operational Resilience? Increase Innovation? Empower, educate and engage your employees? ... with a data-driven The Connected Enterprise at your Fingertips Graphmantics Enterprise Business Knowledge Map DISCOVERS, ORGANIZES and CONNECTS your SAP ERP System based on active usage, placing


Graphmantics combines data science, business semantic models, graph databases and 30 years of SAP Enterprise application architecture experience to create a connected, integrated model of your business based on how you use your SAP ERP system today.
We call this an Enterprise Business knowledge Map.

Enterprise Business Knowledge Graph

Graphmantics automatically generates a multi-dimensional Enterprise Knowledge Graph based on your SAP ERP ECC system.
This knowledge graph, or ‘map’, of your enterprise, discovers how your SAP ERP system is configured and currently used across your enterprise structures ( companies, manufacturing, sales, distribution, procurement, warehousing, HR), as well as your business processes and data, connecting these elements together and through geographic and temporal dimensions.
By leveraging business semantics, AI and ERP domain expertise, Graphmantics enriches the concept of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs to include business semantics and geography to create an ‘Enterprise Business Knowledge Map’.


Many business problems in the Enterprise are not due to lack of data, but rather of how the data is related and its semantics.  Connected, semantically enriched data allows the enterprise to navigate through multi-dimensional information seamlessly, as opposed to a fragmented report-based approach.

A few example scenarios are described below of how the Enterprise Business Knowledge Map could be used – with value drivers of risk and cost reduction – but most importantly, of Innovation acceleration.

Geographic Business Impact Analysis

Imagine a natural disaster happening in Vietnam, where some of the semi-finished components for your product comes from.  With Graphmantics, you can navigate to the production plant, determine if production orders exist, find connections to reservations, sales orders and customers in order to quickly determine the impact of the event.  This buys your company precious time to react accordingly, reducing risks.

Geo Impact Analysis

Digital Transformation

Ask anyone with Digital transformation experience and they will tell you preparation is key.  The reality in many ERP systems is that there is significant data/configuration/customization ‘debt’.  Company codes no longer used, configurations unused,  large historical datasets.  Graphmantics discovers what is actively being used, where and by which parts of the organization.  This allows our customers to clearly define scope based on data as part of project planning, significantly reducing costs and risks.  Customers can easily understand which business processes are being used, and which data is reliant on them for testing.

Accelerating innovation

We believe that connected data is the fuel for innovation.  No one can predict apriori its value.  In this ever accelerating world of change, it is imperative to empower  people by creating transparency across the organization and provide the knowledge, backed by data, for companies to continuously innovate.

Connected data is the fuel for innovation.